My first post

Hi all,

After listening to Scott Hanselmins Hanselminutes a week or so ago he mentioned that he thought all developers should have a blog, this got me to thinking and now here I am!

I’m going to try and use this blog to post information on the various bits and pieces that I might be working on and just general discussion about software development. At the very least if no one reads it I am hoping it will allow me to motivate myself to do more to advance my software development knowledge!

Currently I’m working on developing some extended ASP.NET validators that allow one validator to be dependent on another. When I have them ready I’ll post a bit more information along with code and examples.



One Response to My first post

  1. Rod Howarth says:

    Definitely agree with Scott, you tend to really learn something in depth if you have to teach it to someone else, and the personal branding is good too (have sat in a couple of classes at conferences that mentioned my blog! pretty cool)

    Check out Windows Live Writer – its a free part of the live essentials pack, basically an editor for blogs, had good formatting and also can get add ins, like I got a code pasting add-in that colours my code

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